Are you fond of doing some physical activities as an exercise? Have you been into some outdoor activities? Are you fond of playing sports?

If you are this kind of person, there are a lot of things that you can do with that sporty-characteristic. You can invite your friends or your family to go in the park and play some good sport as you exercise in there. It would be a good bonding for you, your friends and or family too.

However, if you have some problems of going too far, then you can just do it in your garden or in your lawn. There are a lot of sports that you can do in the four corners of your backyard. However, if you have an obstacle in the middle of your lawn, do not be disheartened at all because there are a lot of experts who can do the tree removal for you. You do not have to worry about this thing and let the experts take over.

Once the obstacle has been removed, then you can freely enjoy playing in your spacious backyard lawn. So here are some sports that you might want to enjoy on your new lawn backyard. You can still play these following sports that I would love to introduce with you:



Badminton is a wonderful sport that requires your speed and strength. It is a racquet game that requires you to hit the shuttlecock in order for you to win the game. This can be played by two players on a single game. It can also be played by four players in a two pair game. It is a fun and exciting sport as it exercises your legs and your arms. It also needs a good strategy in order for you to win.





Soccer is also known as football. It is a game that is played by two teams. Each team should protect the ball from entering or touching the net. The players would aim to kick the ball towards the opposite team’s net. Usually, there are eleven members in each team. However, if you are just playing in your backyard, then you can have even members in each team. You can play with your friends, your family, or your kids in this game. It is also a good start in training your kinds to indulge with these kinds of sports. This is a good game in enhancing your speed in running and enhancing your cardiovascular system. It requires a kicking of the ball or by head-butting the ball. A player is not allowed to hold or pass the ball by the hand; only the foot or knees.




Ultimate is also commonly known as the ultimate Frisbee. It is a game by two teams that requires a disc to be passed into a teammate in the other zone. Every time a team member passes the disc to another team member in a different zone, a score is recognized. One basic rule in Frisbee is that a player cannot pass the disc while running. So this game basically needs agility, speed, and strategy. It exercises your leg muscles and your arms and also your hands as well.




Volleyball is one of the most common sports that are played by many. It is a ball game which requires team members to throw the ball to the opposite team. When I say throw, it is not literally throwing the ball. It is by hitting the ball using the hands to the opposing team. If the ball touches the ground of the opposing team inside the regular corners, then it is a count for points. This game requires speed, agility, and strength. It exercises the entire body especially the legs and the arms.





Baseball is one of the famous games in the entire world. This is a ball game that requires a lot of team members. It is required to play it in the field as its points are based on diamond-like running stations. Each player is given a chance to hit the ball using a baseball bat thrown by the pitcher. The batter is required to run on the next station until the pitcher catches the ball hit by the batter. On the other hand, if the pitcher catches the ball immediately, they are required to hit the runner by touching them. However, if the runner is able to reach the next statio0n, another hitter is required to do the same on the first station with the same mechanics until the runner reaches the end of the station. If the runner completes the entire station, then it is a score for the team.

However, if you are just playing with your family, your kids, or your friends, you can just play by catching and throwing the ball.

These are just some of the sports that you can play at home. There are a lot of sports that you can do to exercise and to maintain your body fitness. You can even invite some friends and family members to join you in playing. This would really be a good way to have some quality time and bonding together. This would also be a good training for children to become sporty as they grow up.

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Are you having a difficult time in playing sports? Do you find it hard to move your muscles just to lose some sweat and energy for such activities? If you are this kind of person, you do not have to worry because there are a lot of different ways to play some sport. There are a lot of options for you which you can surely choose from.


A sport is not just about some physical activities that would require so much of your time effort, sweat, and strategy. There are a lot of different sports out there that does not necessarily require you to do such exhausting things outside your home. Actually, there are a lot of them that you can just easily do at home.

Chess is a professional sport that is recognized all throughout the world. It is a sport that requires logic, strategy, and effort. This is a mind racking game since you need to think hard of the things that you should do in order to win. This sport is about a game of kings. It is usually played by kings even from the ancient times. It is a strategic game that enhances their skills and planning since they can apply this in protecting their literal kingdoms. This also helps them to think of a good strategy in attacking or conquering another colony.

This is the reason why chess has been famous ever since. It is a game that is also a battle of the mind. Its mechanics are simple but in real life as you do it, it takes a lot of time and thinking. Chess is a board game made up of 8 by 8 tiles that are alternately colored as black and white. In total, it has 64 square tiles all in all.

The goal for this game is to protect the king from all the other pieces from being checkmate. The number of pieces is not the basis for winning or losing. The basis is if the king of the opponent has been check mate or not.

There are a lot of pieces such as the castle, knight, bishop, queen, king, and the pawns. These pieces can be a threat to the king. King can be the weakest piece since it has only one step movement at a time. However, it is also the most powerful since it is decisive about the decision whether you win or you lose.


In contrary, the queen is one of the most special pieces amongst these officials. It can move diagonally, vertically, and horizontally. It has no limited tiles to occupy. It can move like all the other officials but its only weakness is that it cannot move like how a knight can.

On the other hand, a rook or castle is also an important piece. It is the second highest ranking piece or official in chess next to the queen. Its movement is horizontal, and it has no limit of movement inside the tiles. It is placed basically on the leftmost corner of the tiles on the second row.

Meanwhile, the knight or the horse is also a one of a kind piece or official in the game chess. It has an extraordinary movement that not even the queen can do. Its movement is “L” regardless if there are some pieces that are placed on the tiles. It does not recognize any hindrances, it just walks over all other pieces in this game.

The next one is the bishop. The bishop is an important piece for defense and attack. Its movement is diagonal in any direction.

Lastly, the pawn is known to be the weakest piece. In real life, it is like the army of the officials or the royal highness. It has only two possible steps or movements. It can only occupy two tiles forward as a movement. However, no matter how weak it may seem, this piece is the only piece that can be transformed into a queen if it reaches the opponent’s end zone or the last row of tiles.



So in chess, it is important to learn and strategize how to attack and defend. Usually, the white pieces are ought to attack, and the black pieces are ought to defend at the start. This game may not use a lot of physical effort and strength; however it uses your brain to strategize in defending and attacking. This is a good exercise for the brain most especially for children. This enhances the brain and the way of thinking of people in terms of logic and analyzing.

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